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About The Manfreds

The '60s group Manfred Mann is now considered, more than ever, one of the finest and most respected bands from that era. Their numerous hits were R&B based with an undercurrent of jazz - a very unusual but winning combination of playing style and substance.

As a result, their records have a timeless quality and, some 55 years on, The Manfreds, with BOTH original front men, Paul Jones & Mike d’Abo, will be performing many of their hits, including ‘Do Wah Diddy Diddy’, one of the most popular and instantly recognisable songs of the ‘60’s, and still the biggest audience pleaser at their concerts, plus ‘Mighty Quinn’, ‘Pretty Flamingo’ and many many more.....

Paul Jones, with his unique harmonica sound, will be joined by Mike d’Abo on keyboards and vocals, Tom McGuinness on guitar, Rob Townsend on drums, Marcus Cliffe on bass, and Simon Currie on saxophone/ flute.

The Manfreds: (UK Chart Listings)

5-4-3-2-1 (no:5 1964)
Sha la la (no:3 1964)
Do Wah Diddy (no:1 1964)
Hubble Bubble,Toil and Trouble (no:11 1964)
Come Tomorrow (no:4 1965)
Oh No Not My Baby (no:11 1965)
The One In The Middle (no:6 1965)
If You Gotta Go, Go Now (no:2 1965)
You Gave Me Somebody To Love (no:36 1966)
Pretty Flamingo (no:1 1966)
Just Like A Woman (no:10 1966)
Semi-Detached Suburban (no:2 1966)
Ha Ha! Said The Clown (no:4 1967)
Fox On The Run (no:5 1968)
My Name Is Jack (no:8 1968)
The Mighty Quinn (no:1 1968)
Ragamuffin Man (no:8 1969)

Paul Jones Solo:
High Time (no:4 1966)
I've Been A Bad Bad Boy (no:5 1967)

Mike d’Abo Compositions:
Build Me Up Buttercup (recorded by The Foundations) (no:2 1968)
Handbags & Gladrags

Tom McGuinness of McGuinness Flint:
When I'm Dead And Gone (no:2 1970)
Malt & Barley Blues (no:5 1971)

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